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just a nobody girl [userpic]
by just a nobody girl (sillyrabbittrix)
at September 4th, 2007 (05:57 pm)

ok guys... i need your help

im looking for a bag... no im looking for THE bag...

basically... ive tried to look round uk high street shops for one but havent found anything that really commands me to buy it...

my requirements will sound stupid...

big... but like... not stupidly big... but big enough to go "oh that is quite a big bag isnt it?"
pretendish leather type situation...
a zip fastening
shoulder bag...
as little tassles/metal loops/buckles as possible...
black red or purple

god i didnt think i was that fussy but i was just about t specify the number of internal pockets... but i dont think thats incredibly important....(!)

anyone seen anything about?
on wedsites etc?

i guess thats another thing... anyone know any interesting/unusal jewelery websites... my usual haunts have come up a bit blank...

thanks for any help!


Posted by: 11 seconds into the future! (computerdate)
Posted at: September 4th, 2007 05:45 pm (UTC)

I can't really help on the bag front, but for interesting jewellery have a look at www.etsy.com - all you need to buy stuff is sign up for a (free) account, just tap in whatever you're looking for into the search field and you should find some unique things. Mostly people are located in the US but it's mostly UK shipping, and you can sort by price.

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