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Welcome to an off-shoot of fantastic community Petrolstations, we are stylestations. NOW REOPENED!!!

Deriving from the creative and individual elements loved at petrolstations, stylestations is a community for stylish people from the UK and the rest of the world. We are interested in more than just star covered hoodies from H&M and the latest pants you have bought. We want to see stylish outfits, people with clothes confidence, DIY clothes, thrifted outfits, bits and pieces which may not be new but you would like to share.

Things that we would like you to post:
1. An introduction would be lovely. Most of us know each other but intros are still nice.
2. day to say outfits, new purchases, questions about outfits you have put together, what you have worn to work, what shoes you have worn that day, how you did your hair etc etc. Anything goes...
But if you have a plain topshop tee that someone has already photographed and shown, unless its on you and part of an outfit we don't want a grainy shot of it lying on your bed.

p.s if possible lovely high res and non blurry photos would be a huge bonus!

Joining is currently moderated due to us wanting to keep this communtiy lovely and small so we know who is looking at who and what.
Please make your entries members only so we can keep it all safe and lovely!

please take a look at our sister community petrolstations petrolstations.livejournal.com

sara x